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Forum rules

Engitek.com Forum rules
Before you post please read this.

1) Any illegal activity is prohibited including but not limited to:
The sale or promotion of drugs, pornography, hate, discrimination, racism, fraud of any kind, insults based on religion, race, age, sex, culture or any other.
2) The use of offensive or inappropriate language.
3) The use of all capital sentences paragraphs.
4) Misleading information in order to take advantage of the forum members or visitors, such as fraudulent information or information that leads to fraud.
5) All deals and agreements between members or visitors are responsibility of the dealing parties and the forum has no responsibility on it.
6) All posts are responsibility of the posting person and their legal implications or consequences.
7) It's understood that this is a public forum and any one can see your post, please be responsible and careful with your personal data.
Infringement or posting of no authorized media, information or unauthorized use of copyrights protected material is prohibited and it's only the posting party responsibility.
If you are in doubt don’t post, first check with the copyrights owner and get his approval.
9) Span, or post of commercial advertisement or as otherwise stated here is prohibited.
10) Some material from this forum may be copyright protected, so ask the posting person for a written permit.
11) The administrator could ban without any warning any forum rules violator.
12) Posting in this forum implies that you have read and you are in agreement with these rules.
13) Post only in the most suitable forum for the topic being posted.


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